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When is mothers day 2016, History

Mothers day is on 8th May 2016 and second Sunday of May on this day all over the world this day is celebrated. So thank you for those who found this day to share our feeling to mothers via various sources like social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike and other social shares.

Happy Mothers day 

Mothers Day History

Mothers day is the modern celebration for honors mothers. As well as this can say like motherhood, internal bond. It is celebrated in many countries on different days and also this day is celebrated on march/May months in different countries. It completely celebrating with the family member and this celebration is most beautiful ever.
Happy Mothers Day Date

When Is Mothers Day 

It was first celebrated in America and it is started with American countries in 1908. When Anna Jarvis held a memorial for a mother at church so this moment is made a history and hold the “International Mothers Day” at over world.

Mothers is the greatest person in the world because she has great heart for every children’s and she done many thing for her children’s like support, love and care at every time. She loves her children’s are every time which has great love and good support.

Mother this word is more powerful and most inspiration thing to share our feelings so daughter and sons are so lucky for this person to understand the thing and get solution on every problem.